Deluxe High Coverage Koi - PRE DIME size. (pack of 10)

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The Koi Angelfish.  Koi angelfish must be fed foods high in carotene to keep and show off their orange/red colors.  Our Koi's were sourced from the best Koi Angelfish breeders we could find.  Also known as HR Koi's from other sellers, these are the premium of all Koi Angelfish.

Enjoy the experience of watching baby angels grow from pea size to adults.  These are for moderate to experienced hobbyists.  The fins are already sprouting on these peas and you can watch how they develop.  

You will get a pack of 10 High Coverage HR Koi Babies.  Approximately 4 weeks old and already eating finely ground flake or our fry starter #1 grand champion granules.  For continued great growth we still recommend feeding the live baby brine shrimp.  At this time all of our fry will be veils.  

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